Shopping version 4 released

I’m delighted to announce that we have just released a new version of Shopping. Microsoft Windows 7 uptake in the business community has turned into a surge today and is the one of the highest profile IT projects for many organizations. With Shopping version 4 we have introduced self-service Windows 7 migration and an even better “app store” experience for our customers.
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Shopping 4 cures two of the major headaches in a Windows 7 migration project – finding the best time to upgrade someone’s PC and ensuring that they get all their apps reinstalled. Now users can schedule their own Windows 7 migration at a time when it suits them without having their work disrupted. IT administrations still have control to limit the number of deployments in any one day and can black out certain days such as month end or even particular hours in a day. It’s extremely flexible!
Users can select the applications they want installed with their new OS. This not only saves time for the IT department in tracking and installing the apps but ensures that users have the full suite of software they previously had.
Along with the recent and already successful release of AppClarity, I believe we now have a very comprehensive solution set for managing software distribution and software waste. With the strength of the combined solutions you not only get software waste management but license control too.
In the product teams we’re all excited about how we will further integrate these solutions in the future.


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