Standardizing energy reporting

Organizations manage a plethora of different devices across their IT infrastructure – servers, PCs, laptops, mobile devices, printers and so on. These all consume energy, as do the surrounding facilities such as lighting and heating systems. What has been frustrating is how difficult it is to discover, measure, report and control energy use across this corporate infrastructure. It seems each device speaks a different language and there is no standardized way to collect data from these devices.
Cisco EnergyWise addresses the challenges of managing energy use across multiple device types. It starts with the one thing all these devices have in common – they connect to the network. The Cisco EnergyWise API, available in many Cisco network devices, standardizes the reporting of energy use and, when integrated with 1E products, companies can make significant energy savings across their entire estate. For example, a 10k-employee organization would be looking at savings of $1.46 million a year ($7.3M over five). These savings come from power managing the office building, the IT equipment and the data center. Furthermore, by managing efficiency as well, for instance by rationalizing the number of servers in the data center to only those performing useful work, operational savings of at least $400k can be achieved.
The combined Cisco and 1E solution brings round-the-clock PC power management, saves server energy with no disruption to the business and provides an ROI within 12 months. It applies intelligence directly to the devices being managed, gives control to users to ensure power management doesn’t disrupt their work and supports legacy hardware and new technologies.
Working with Cisco and 1E together means that power management solutions can apply to a broad range of devices, opening up the opportunity for businesses to economize when devices are not in use.
Andy Hawkins, Product Manager NightWatchman Server Edition


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