State of the migration: enterprise Windows 10 in 2017

State of the migration: enterprise Windows 10 in 2017

To some, the thought of Windows 10 brings out feelings of contempt, confusion, and aggravation. It’s been nice living comfortably, dealing with the day-to-day issues of Windows 7. Why should anyone have to migrate to Windows 10?  An update of this size means both time and money are spent attempting to complete a task which should be relatively simple and lots of enterprise business are not looking forward it.

Up until now, it’s been anything but simple.

The arrival of Windows 10 Creators Update will spark mixed feelings: For many, the enhancements, especially for 3D artists and those getting into VR/AR will be welcomed; for others, it’ll bring a deep sigh and feel of foreboding in having to roll the update out to hundreds of machines. They may have started their update, or be in the early stages of deployment, so yet another new release is coming at what seems like the worst possible time. But, there’s no point getting too depressed – regular Windows 10 releases are the new normal – the successful companies will be the ones that embrace the change and implement systems to automate the updates.
We’ve listened to the community when they’ve said how daunting the migration will inevitably be for their business. We wanted to learn more, though. How long do people expect their migration to take? What were the methods they were planning to use to get there? We conducted a survey of over 1,000 IT professionals to find out these answers and to inform the industry that their pain points can be alleviated with 1E’s Windows Servicing Suite.

73% of people said that their migration would be underway or completed by 2018 but only 6% said that their migration was already complete.
In this report, we hope to inform and educate the community that, just like winter, Windows 10 is coming and there are easier, more efficient ways to get there. Learn more about 1E and the Windows 10 Servicing Suite now.


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