The #StayCurrent report: analyzing the impact and legacy of WannaCry

The #StayCurrent report: analyzing the impact and legacy of WannaCry

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The red screen signaling a cyber attack that emerged on over 400,000 devices all over the world aptly named WannaCry changed the face of IT security forever.
We polled 400 IT professionals asking them about their experiences post-WannaCry to get a sense for how these teams responded to the attack. The full results of our report can be found here.

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Our VP of product, Stuart Okin said that “86% of our responders weren’t sure where they stood after WannaCry hit and they then had to take actions on a protocol that was first conceived in 1990 but hadn’t really been used from 2006 onwards.”
Now, more than ever, businesses are beginning to understand the importance of updating their systems and how to #StayCurrent. Our survey found that only 11% of our respondents had completed their Windows 10 migration.

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WannaCry proved to be a powerful piece of malware and significantly disrupted businesses IT infrastructure. There is one positive though: the awareness surrounding security has increased across the globe. Don’t wait for another malware attack to get updated. Get current and #StayCurrent.


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