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How to stop Configuration Drift


“Configuration Drift” sounds like a Fast and the Furious movie.

Unfortunately, this scenario doesn’t involve The Rock. Rather, it’s centered around what happens when software “drifts”, or becomes different in some way that wasn’t originally intended. While it’s a natural process, it leaves IT environments vulnerable.
It presents a combination of problems. Stemming from a lack of real-time visibility and control over changes taking place in between audit windows, these gaps leave devices open to bigger issues. Your IT estate becomes subject to fines and legal fees, increased exposure to IT incidents, and loss of productivity or even revenue. Typically, organizations face these three main challenges:

  1. The adverse impact of unapproved and often unintentional configuration change by end users and administrators leading to ‘Configuration drift’ between audit windows. As a result, desktops and servers alike are left vulnerable due to lack of continuous compliance capabilities.
  2. Difficulty in visualizing current actual state and ensuring device configurations remain adherent to policy defined requirements at all times – particularly with regard to devices used by remote workers.
  3. A skills gap in IT which leads to a lack of resources with the technical capability required to ensure continual compliance leaves organizations exposed.

So how do you stop the drift and gain control over your estate?

It’s the sole reason why we developed the 1E Guaranteed State solution. Watch this quick video to see what we mean:
[vimeo_video id=”327672921″]
With effective monitoring, control, and remediation processes in place, your endpoints are no longer vulnerable to security or compliance risk. With a “Guaranteed State”, or, the set group of rules your organization chooses as mandates, your environment remains in compliance.

Regardless of where your endpoints are, Tachyon provides real-time visibility of any endpoint’s current configuration state.

Not only that, your endpoints will stay adherent to those set controls. Do you need to know when something changes?  No problem. Admins get an immediate alert when a change is made, allowing for the fastest remediation possible before any incidents occur.
According to the 451 Research Group survey, 64% of organizations (globally) feel that complying with regulatory and industry mandates is either “very” effective or “extremely” effective in combatting security threats. Having a guaranteed state is crucial to compliance. What if you had always-on visibility and control of compliance from all devices? You could prevent successful cyberattacks while reducing future risk.
If you’re ready to get 100% visibility into your estate, receive real-time reporting, and perform audits in second across all your endpoints, you need to get in touch today. We can help.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022