Ta-da! 1E NightWatchman and Cisco #EnergyWise #cl11

Waste is endemic in IT. Independent research has revealed that 15 percent of servers do nothing useful and 50 percent of PCs are left on overnight. This waste results in billions of dollars of wasted energy across campus IT and data center facilities each year.
Organizations are struggling to address this inefficiency, because they lack a standardized way to measure, report, and control energy use across the corporate infrastructure. Significant cost is being spent on disparate attempts to measure and control energy use.
The integration of NightWatchman® from 1E with Cisco® EnergyWise provides one solution for managing power consumption and efficiency across PCs, servers, network, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices.
If you are attending Cisco Live next week, you can stop by our booth (2140) to grab a handout that talks about our partnership and integration with Cisco EnergyWise. Or, if you want to read about it now, or you can’t attend the event next week, you can download it here:
Download (PDF): 1E with Cisco EnergyWise


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