TechEd will be “cloudy” so 1E will bring the sunshine #msteched

TechEd 2011 is upon us. Next week, thousands of IT professionals will gather in Atlanta to attend sessions, participate in hands-on-labs, renew friendships, search out after hours events announced by TheKrewe, and be part of the Twitter Army
If you’ve looked through the session catalog, you see right away that the major focus of TechEd 2011 is about “The Cloud”. This is a common theme at a number of conferences, and has been a major push in the industry for the last couple years.
The cloud makes sense in a lot of scenarios as a cost and time savings mechanism. But, with all the cloud talk over the last couple years, the cloud has become somewhat – cloudy. New types of clouds and new acronyms can make it confusing. The majority of people attending TechEd this year will actually be attending to try and understand how the cloud can benefit them.
Unfortunately, due to how the cloud is being marketed, it sometimes seems the cloud is perfect and works great in all situations. But, the cloud should come with some kind of warning label. The cloud is not applicable in all situations or for all scenarios. If the IT organization is inefficient prior to migrating to the cloud, there’s a good chance the IT organization will continue to be inefficient long afterward. The cloud, in most cases, is just a Band-Aid that hides a bigger problem.
1E’s only goal as a company is to provide solutions for you that help turn IT from a cost center, into a cost *savings* center. Every one of our solutions is built around making IT efficient. Over time, due to demands on IT, pieces of the infrastructure collect waste because IT puts technology in place to meet the immediate demand of users and management. So, in essence, there is a huge number of areas within the company where waste can be identified and where 1E can eliminate it.
So, before looking to the cloud as a solution to your IT pains, you might want to take a look at what 1E has to offer.
At a conference so intent on “The Cloud”, wouldn’t you like to know if cloud migrations are actually going to save your company money? Wouldn’t your CIO like to know that you could save a stack of money for your company without outsourcing your technologies?
1E may be new to TechEd, but we’re not new to saving our customers money or making IT the most efficient department in the organization. To date, our energy efficiency solutions alone have helped our customers save in excess of $550m in energy costs, cutting CO2 emissions by 4.5 million tons. Energy efficiency is just a small part of what we do.
Visit us in booth #1728.
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