The easiest, most cost efficient way to deploy Windows 7

Windows 7 deployment strategies are numerous, and each one presents a solution to the unique adversities faced in every organization. But, despite potential deployment pitfalls and speed bumps, the deployment of Windows 7 in the organization brings huge value that outweighs waiting. It just makes good business sense to deploy the latest operating system. Those companies that have already deployed Windows 7 have experienced more stability and improved features that makes the business function better.
But, did you know there’s still a better way to deploy Windows 7? One that saves time and money?
By coupling 1ENomad and Shopping solutions a company can realize huge savings and enjoy a deployment that is less burdensome on both the IT department and the end-user. How?
Nomad provides the ability to deploy the operating system upgrade across the network any time of the day by allowing IT to manage the bandwidth of the network. Nomad intelligently makes use of available bandwidth without interruption to critical services, ensuring that delivery of the Windows 7 upgrade is successful. Nomad even eliminates the pains of deploying Windows 7 across slow links.
And, to ensure that the end-user is never interrupted from providing business value, Shopping allows the end-user to decide when the Windows 7 upgrade takes place. Who knows their schedule better than the end-user? Having the ability to upgrade their PC during downtime – or even while at home – provides huge value to both the end-user and the IT department. The IT department creates the deployment files, adds it to the Shopping catalog, and then makes it available as a “purchased” product, all the while enabling full monitoring capability and licensing tracking.
If this sounds like something that can provide real value to your Windows 7 rollout, check out the following links.


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