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The future of Software Asset Management in an overcrowded software world


Organizations of all sizes are facing emerging challenges over the oft unpredictable nature of software purchase by organizations, and confusion around the Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions available to overcome them. There are certain trends and facts that point to the need for an evolution to an IT efficiency industry, and an increasing emphasis on managing software assets and to optimizing return on one’s software investment.
Having done a case study, as part of my role, on different available tools in the market comparing the support of SAM Maturity which each provides, as well as the features and the costs associated with it, it is apparent that AppClarity stands up to any rival tool as a reliable solution for attaining an optimized maturity level in ensuring IT efficiency with software asset management.
Apart from the fact that AppClarity offers a centralized view to manage all licensed and non-licensed applications, and helps maintain an organization’s license compliance, there are several other key features which leave IT Administrators delighted.
It’s true that proper software asset management takes time and effort, but the pay back is well worth it. However you would be amazed to know that on the same day of deployment AppClarity can straight away deliver significant amounts of money saved as you run the automated reclaimer, which reclaims any unused software from those you opt to apply a reclaim policy to.
Though users are invited to justify their need for a certain item of software, Administrators are given an option to prohibit any application and reclaim it without the user’s intervention if he or she feels that the application could be a risk to the organization.
AppClarity is a robust application which scales data for some of the largest organizations, such as two of America’s four largest banks, managing an inventory of more than 300,000 machines with minimum hardware configuration.
To learn more about 1E’s software asset management tool, please follow our LinkedIn Showcase page for AppClarity, visit our product page, or contact us at [email protected].


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