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The Secret to A First-Rate Digital Experience: Remediation


Two significant changes took place for organizations over the last year or so:

  1. The pandemic accelerated the move to a digital, hybrid workplace 
  2. Digital experience became a priority as a result of this move  

This means that employees need to be engaged in new ways, and IT must be equipped with new tools and capabilities to support this. And, at the core of these digital transformation initiatives, is the goal to deliver a seamless and reliable digital experience – no matter where employees may be working!  
But with the lines between the home and traditional offices blurring, and the requirement for highly personalized, dependable, and efficient IT services remaining prevalent, how can organizations ensure they’re delivering a good digital experience? What can we do to take our digital experiences from “meh” to “first-rate”?  

Your Secret Weapon

First things first, Digital Workplace Leaders need to establish a suitable digital experience initiative that can reduce digital friction, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line. Many organizations have employed Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions to help reach these goals. However, they’re often brought in as point solutions and are unable to fix the experience issues they detect. It’s important that you have a system designed for remediation, not just prevention. 
If a Digital Experience initiative can identify experience issues but has no clear line of sight to remediating them, it will deliver zero value; No employee ever wished IT had a better analytics solution,” said Sumir Karayi, CEO and founder of 1E. And he’s right! Employees want less frustrating experiences with fewer disruptions. This means taking a step beyond identifying analytics, toward an initiative that leverages automation to predict and improve digital experience. “That is how we view Unified eXperience Management — proactive, real time, holistic action across all endpoints” Sumir explained.   
Digital Experience initiatives must be driving meaningful change, and the tools that form them need to go beyond analytics and insights. They must have automation capabilities to affect that change. This is where your secret weapon comes in: Remediation 

Remediation? Really?  

Remediation has often been highlighted as a key consideration, but the new modern workplace places an emphasis on it unlike ever before. In fact, toward the end of 2020, this Forrester report called out remediation as a key differentiator. And, a recent comparison by TriCon Elite explains that whilst traditional systems may provide a capable solution for managing your device environment, they are ultimately inefficient with the remediation of device compliance in a time that vulnerabilities are exploited faster than they can be patched. 
So, where do we go from here? Well, 1E has introduced Unified eXperience Management (UXM) to help you on your journey toward a good digital experience, fit for the modern hybrid working world. UXM unifies Digital Experience Monitoring with other aspects of IT required to positively impact the user’s experience. It is made up of Experience Monitoring, Employee Engagement, Diagnostic and Remediation tooling, and Configuration Policy to ensure that once an issue is fixed on one machine it is applied to all machines on an ongoing basis. 
The 1E solution for Experience and Engagement helps you to go beyond the limitations of traditional DEM solutions, with analytics enabling rapid drill-down for context aware automated remediations and remediation capabilities to fix the issue in real time – among other organization-wide benefits. 

In our recent whitepaper, ‘The Digital Workplace Leader’s Guide to Experience and Engagement Analytics’, we explore the relationship between employee engagement and digital experience, considering in more detail how UXM can address the challenges leaders are facing. To learn more about this, you can download the whitepaper here.  
Keen to learn more about how you can transform digital experience in your organization? Why not join Chief Technologist Product, Bogdan Udrea, and Director of Product Marketing, Michael Wright at next weeks webinar! In this session they will explore the 3 stages to digital experience management (and why you’re not doing all of them – yet) Register now!  


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022