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The Secret to Great Customer Experience Lies in Employee Experience

What does this mean? In short, by providing a great employee experience you will see a rise in employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. In turn, this leads to improved CX. After all, empowered and satisfied employees are more likely to provide exceptional service, improving customer satisfaction.

In this blog, we dive into this topic in some more detail:

For better CX, start with better EX

Employees who are engaged and empowered can better serve customers and provide them with a great experience. When you optimize employee experience, you create a virtuous cycle that also pays dividends in your customer experience efforts.

Engaged employees create better customer experiences 

Leaders need to double down on the notion that employee experience (EX) is the key driver of customer experience (CX), and as such, it’s important to design experiences for their employees that better align with those of their customers.

A well-developed digital employee experience (DEX) equates to better customer experience (CX). By empowering your employees with seamless digital tools, fostering engagement, and showcasing a commitment to creating a positive work environment, companies can attract top talent, boost productivity, and enhance customer experiences.

Driving better business outcomes

By looking at EX and CX holistically as one entity rather than two, you can maximize satisfaction, performance and productivity, retain employees, foster tighter team connections, and drive better business outcomes.

A key factor to consider when prioritizing the employee experience includes the availability of a frictionless, collaborative work environment with digital experiences embedded in workflows.

Engaged employees can significantly improve a variety of key performance indicators, including, but not limited to, customer ratings, profitability, productivity, shrinkage, safety incidents, and quality.

CEOs recognize the benefits of a CX/EX partnership 

According to the MIT Technology Review Insights report, 95% of CEOs say that blending CX and EX efforts into one end-to-end strategy will positively affect revenue growth, business agility, and resilience. However, the rate of companies with employee experience strategies is lagging behind that of those with CX strategies. 

Despite this discrepancy, the research indicates that 81% of organizations do have an EX strategy in place, and with a further 92% of CEOs indicating that CX improvements will directly affect net profit, it’s safe to say that leadership is taking steps toward reaping the reward of a CX/EX partnership.

Interested in learning more about how digital employee experience (DEX) can help improve customer experience (EX) alongside providing other tangible business benefits? Check out this blog.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022