The Uptime Institute is challenging you to get rid of unused servers with a contest, 1E can help you win

The Uptime Institute The Uptime Institute has announced a contest, where the winner is the organization that removes the most servers out of the datacenter. This may be the first of its kind contest, but it’s a very worthy event to be part of. Two winners will be determined, one for most IT equipment removed, one for largest percentage of IT equipment removed.
OK…I’ll be surprised if one of our NightWatchman Server Edition (NSE) customers are not in the top finalists for the contest. Why? It’s not cheating, but it may seem like it: one of the key benefits of NSE is the ability to identify servers that are doing nothing, or doing very little, and can be consolidated (virtualized) and the hardware decommissioned completely. That’s a huge benefit for savings in power, energy, and also carbon emissions.
Want to win the Uptime Institute contest? Check out NSE:


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