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Top Three Takeaways from the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

In this blog, we share some highlights and explore the top three takeaways to help you revolutionize your digital workplace. 

The Gartner Digital Workplace Summit was informative and unforgettable in many ways. Not only was the 1E team able to engage with countless DEX enthusiasts, but we also enjoyed soaking up insights from Gartner analysts, and even hosted a successful session of our own! Let’s delve into some of the highlights: 

Top three takeaways

1. Companies still have a lot to do on the journey to digital workplace maturity

The Digital Workplace Maturity Model is a key indicator in helping companies define success and overall digital workplace initiatives. This model is split into various scoring levels: reacting, supporting, enabling, empowering, and transforming. A key takeaway from this conference is that many organizations still have plenty to do: digital workplace maturity is steadily increasing, but many still find themselves in the supporting stage.

Gartner analysts share three areas that need to be prioritized and could allow your organization to obtain a higher score. Focusing on the alignment of IT to the overall business, acquiring CIO support, and keeping DEX at the forefront of business decisions will allow organizations to elevate their digital workplace maturity over time.

The team attended a session run by a long-time customer residing in the empowering stage of the digital workplace maturity model, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. The AVP of Digital Workplace Experience, Kelly Marlow, shared a great example of how they meet end-user needs and focus on enhancing DEX. Nationwide discovered digital friction points that needed to be alleviated, so they developed a “single pane of glass,” which incorporated 1E’s data and alerted team members of various action items that needed some addressing. This signifies that while many organizations still have a lot of work to do, increasing digital workplace maturity statuses is possible.

2. What to focus on to increase your DEX Maturity

While the Digital Workplace Maturity Model takes a more comprehensive look at digital workplace initiatives, the DEX Maturity Model focuses specifically on employee experience within the digital workplace. It provides a framework for organizations to measure their current level of maturity in managing and enhancing the digital experience and specific steps to continue improving.

What to do, depending on your score? Organizations that typically score lower should prioritize the fundamentals of DEX tools, such as endpoint analytics, device performance monitoring, and reactive root-cause analysis. These features serve as building blocks for establishing best practices. On the other hand, those continuing to mature can take on more advanced forms of deployment. For example, employee enablement, digital dexterity, risk reduction from unsanctioned applications, and supporting CIO and business initiatives.

3. Searching for a practical approach to artificial intelligence? We have the solution

Gartner analysts state that artificial intelligence (AI) represents a significant opportunity in the digital workplace, but there are very few practical examples of success from AI currently. We’ve got you covered there. Our latest launch, 1E Intelligence, is an array of hybrid-edge AI capabilities deployed across the platform to create a seamless digital user experience by delivering intelligent, scalable solutions.

Finally, a massive highlight for 1E, our very own Josh Thompson, VP of Product Marketing, hosted a session. Josh showcased how 1E Intelligence leverages AI to remediate IT issues before they impact users. He explored two key capabilities within 1E Intelligence: Intelligent Insights and Intelligent Sentiment. He also shared an exciting new capability that’s a part of 1E Intelligence. The team is thrilled to introduce 1E Assistant, our AI-driven chatbot created for instant IT problem resolution and streamlined digital experiences.

To learn more about this exciting development, check out our upcoming webinar on March 27th!


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022