Transforming IT for the air travel industry

Transforming IT for the air travel industry

Geneva Airport sees millions of passengers in and out of their hub every year. A busy, multifaceted little city, the airport is required to run smoothly and efficiently.
Right next door to them is SITA, (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques). Founded in the 1940s, SITA is responsible for inventing and implementing technologies that keep airports like Geneva in working order.
WannaCry reminded us that even the airline industry isn’t immune to malware attacks. But because of many risks and high safety requirements, updates happen quite slowly and sometimes not at all.

Looking back at the software crash at British Airways, we saw the desperate need to keep software up-to-date. This need seems even greater considering that millions of customers rely on the airline industry’s services.
1E partner SITA provides IT and telecommunication services to the air travel industry and they are aware of the necessity to improve the process of software and security updates.
We might not be able to forecast the future in detail, but we can have an impact in shaping the future of IT and air travel to be better and faster.
Read the Case Study about “Transforming IT for the air travel industry” to see how SITA uses 1E Nomad to integrate new software while estimating any risks within the industry.


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