Traveling? Read This Before You Go Anywhere

Traveling? Read This Before You Go Anywhere

Thanks to the many corporate trips taken over the years, the 1E Team has accrued some helpful tips and tricks to surviving traveling woes.

Traveling can be aggravating. But traveling out of the country can be a downright nightmare. How many hours have you lost standing on line waiting for security clearance? Don’t get me started on passports. Have you ever misplaced it, or realized it was expired WHILE YOU WERE AT THE AIRPORT? But maybe you’ve started a new job and traveling is a major requirement for you during the year—and you’re a total newbie. We’ve put together a list of general travel recommendations to help even the veteran traveler make it through their trip without those typical mishaps.
Let’s chat about TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry. It seems like a no-brainer, but it really does save you time. In some cases, your employer may even allow you to expense the cost of either. Plus, you will almost always get the benefit of not having to remove shoes, belts and lighter-weight jackets.
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Are you registered for any frequent flier miles programs? If you’re going to be flying more than 4x in the year, I’d say yes. You might have a favorite hotel brand or carrier, but by having membership in multiple airlines and hotel loyalty programs, you can always be assured of accumulating some benefit from staying or flying one of your alternates.

The main benefit of getting miles or hotel loyalty status is getting greater perks with the airlines and hotel chains. This can lead to better seating during flights to customers or better accommodations at the hotel. Additionally, it can lower the cost of a trip with your partner or family when you decide to take that coveted vacation.

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What does “appropriate clothing” consist of? You’ll be meeting with people in and out of your team. Business casual is considered standard. But you’ll also probably have some down time. It is helpful to pack an extra pair of shoes. If you are traveling on Sunday, it would be far more relaxing to travel in a pair of comfortable shoes while packing your “work” shoes. Depending on the airports you have to walk through, wearing comfortable shoes can make a huge difference in how pleasant the trip is.
Make sure you have clothes for touring, working out, or activity specific wear. (For example, if you know you’re going sky diving, bring a pair of sneakers.)


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