Unmanaged software licenses costs one company over $400,000 they hadn’t budgeted for #msteched

TechEd 2011 We had an awesome time at TechEd 2011! And, our products, solutions, and even our booth were so well accepted it was overwhelming at times. Any attendee of TechEd 2011 who walked by booth 1728 know exactly what I’m talking about. Every session was crowded, flowing out even into the aisles of Expo row 1700.
As a presenter, it was great to see light bulbs go off in attendees’ eyes as we described our solutions effectively. We had a booth session for each and every product that we produce and the positive responses were enormously valuable.
One of our latest products, AppClarity, was a big hit due to the timeliness of industry news that hit during TechEd 2011. Speaking with one company last week, they indicated that an unnamed (I’m sure you have your own guesses about who it is) software company stuck them with a bill for over $400,000 during a recent true-up. Can you imagine that news within your organization? And, then there is more. Last week, several reports were posted through content streams describing the woes of Microsoft’s Software Assurance.
Here’s a few:
Software Assurance: How Microsoft gambles with your money
The Deadly Sin of Microsoft’s Software Licensing
Software Assurance math adds up for Microsoft, not as much for biz customers
For one software vendor (the one who handed out the $400,000 bill), it seems that true-ups are being used to generate revenue when revenue is down. I guess, yeah, that’s one way to make money.
But, you can’t blame that software vendor. And, frankly, its really tough to blame the company with the mismanaged software licenses? Why?
Managing and reporting on software licenses has always been an almost impossible task. Ask anyone who has had to deal with this situation – software licensing management is a back-burner task because there have not been any real solutions to such an enormous problem. Until now…
Keeping with our company’s vision to help customers save money, energy and time, we developed AppClarity. AppClarity is a license management and reclamation solution. Not only can you report on used, unused, and unneeded software licenses, but you can reclaim and redistribute/repurpose software licenses to where they are actually needed within the organization. And, the bigger value is that it puts YOU in control over the licensing process. So, the next time a software vendor singles you out for a true-up, or tries to sell you licenses you really don’t need, YOU have the upper hand – YOU control the licensing negotiations because you know exactly what exists in your organization.
The following video about AppClarity is amazing at explaining exactly what this solution does. After watching it, those that sat through it at TechEd 2011 thought AppClarity was innovative, incredible, cost and time saving, and life-changing. And, after reviewing the rest of our solutions, attendees sold on the 1E vision.
Watch the video:
With the true-up engines revving up (can you hear the noise?), can you be unprepared?


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