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What you can expect from this fall’s WFA Enterprise Conference

6 themes of WFA Fall 2020

With 2 tracks and 6 themes there’s a packed agenda for our two-day conference. So where do you start?  We’ve decided to have two tracks running in parallel across both days: IT leaders and Technology. The tracks are broken down by theme to make it easier to curate an agenda that aligns with your business priorities. Each session in the agenda corresponds to one of the following themes: IT strategy, The human factor, The case for WFA, Endpoint Management and security, Digital Experience Management and ITSM.

Track 1: IT leaders

This track provides C-Suite, CIOs, and IT managers with best practices and insights to help drive forward the transition to a Work From Anywhere Enterprise in 2021. The three themes are IT Strategy, The Human Factor and The Case for WFA

 IT strategy

It’s never been more important for your IT strategy to be built on a foundation of employee centricity and align with the organization’s aspirations to empower the anywhere employee. We’ll be presenting case studies, use cases, and expert advice to ensure your IT strategy is on the right track.

The human factor

Innovation and productivity can suffer in moments of change. We’ll be delving into how organizations can foster connection in a WFA world and ensure employees feel part of the organization’s mission and purpose.

The business case for WFA

Getting stakeholder buy-in to your WFA vision can be a struggle so this new theme for the fall conference covers the business case for WFA. This is a not-to-miss session on how to craft a business case for WFA based on tangible cost savings and investment opportunities.

Track 2: Deep tech

This track features tech demos, best practices, and vendor comparisons to prepare your IT organization for the 2021 future of work. The three themes in this track are: Endpoint management and security, Digital experience management and ITSM

Endpoint Management and Security

This year, we’ll present a host of sessions to share best practices and expert advice on how to see, manage and secure endpoints, even when remote, to empower the WFA employee.

Digital Experience Management

IT organizations struggle to maintain the same level of user experience as when employees are in the office. We’ll delve into how DEM solutions can help IT get closer to their employees and deliver great, consistent digital experiences even when they’re working remotely.

ITSM and automation

The Work From Anywhere Enterprise places huge demands on the service desk and challenges their ability to meet pre-covid SLAs. ITSM experts will explore how to accelerate innovation and change in the service desk by adopting an automation-first approach to ITSM.
Across these tracks and themes, you will be able to get together with peers and industry experts looking at the latest research and tools available to help IT professionals navigate this hybrid Work From Anywhere World and get the help you need to make critical decisions about your IT strategy to support employees anywhere.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022