What you could be missing out on by not choosing Nomad for your Configuration Manager 2007 implementation

SMS hierarchy Nomad is one of those products that “just works”. We’ve actually heard that quite a few times from our customers. Some customers have used the word “magic” to explain it. In simple terms, Nomad is technology that allows companies to minimize the overall infrastructure required to host a System Center Configuration Manager environment. This results in savings all across the board, from hardware costs, to end-user downtime, to providing SLAs for things like patching and software delivery that you just can’t get with ConfigMgr alone (or with any other competing product on top of ConfigMgr). Just like the current iPhone commercial – if you’re not using 1E‘s Nomad, you’re not using 1E’s Nomad.
To put it in even simpler terms, this graphic gives you a quick overview of what your infrastructure could look like with Nomad. Bet you’d love your ConfigMgr implementation to look like that!
Still, there’s a LOT more to Nomad than just making your infrastructure more efficient. Click for more information on IT Efficiency using Nomad Enterprise
And, when you get a chance, watch and listen to customer who is using it:
[vimeo_video id=”31200245″]
Brian Mason, Fortune 500 finance company
Incidentally, Nomad will fully support ConfigMgr 2012 when it is released.


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