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What’s New on the 1E Exchange: Elevating IT Management with December’s DEX Packs

1E Platform release update

Our December updates focus on not just improving but transforming IT operations. Stay ahead with our newest features designed for efficiency and a superior user experience.

Client Management DEX Pack

What’s New? Our latest release introduces a crucial hotfix to the 1E Client, enhancing the stability and functionality of client management across your organization’s diverse endpoints. This update is about precision management and security, making sure your IT operations are seamless and more proactive than ever.

Key Features:

  • 1E platform configuration control: Tailor endpoint settings with precision, ensuring configurations that comply with company policies.
  • System health prioritization: New criticality checks intelligently prioritize tasks, focusing on vital operations first to minimize downtime and boost productivity.
  • Enhanced device performance insights: Gain deeper analytics on instruction statistics for a richer perspective on device performance, leading to a superior user experience.
  • Automated compliance checks: Streamline compliance with automated checks, maintaining software and hardware integrity in alignment with the latest security standards.
  • Proactive problem resolution: Employ proactive monitoring to anticipate and resolve issues before they affect the end-user, providing system reliability and performance.

Microsoft Teams DEX Pack

What’s New: With the latest Microsoft Teams features in mind, our updated DEX Pack makes sure your collaboration tools are integrated smoothly, enhancing communication across the board.

Key Features:

  • Start-up impact analysis: provides insight into Microsoft Teams’ impact on system start-up, offering strategies to enhance launch times.
  • Audio service monitoring: monitors and maintains audio service functionality, ensuring uninterrupted audio performance during Teams calls.
  • Troubleshooting assistance: easy access to Teams logs aids in quick and effective issue resolution, keeping your Teams experience smooth.

This December, we’re proud to roll out these updates, reinforcing our commitment to innovative IT management solutions. With these enhancements, your organization can look forward to streamlined, secure, and efficient IT operations.

Throughout the year, we’ve made other notable updates to our platform, emphasizing our dedication to providing a robust DEX platform. The upgrade to .NET Framework v4.8 for the 1E Client brings a more robust and secure foundation. We’ve also significantly improved the security and standards support for the 1E Client-Switch web socket. Expanding our system’s compatibility, MacOS Sanoma is now supported, reflecting our commitment to a broader range of operating systems.

Our integration capabilities have been substantially enhanced. The introduction of OAuth-based authentication for domain-separated instances simplifies the authentication process. Furthermore, our platform can now display Experience scores for both new and old APIs, providing users with detailed insights. For on-premises environments, OAuth authentication requests are efficiently managed through the Mid Server, enhancing both connectivity and security.

In addition to these major updates, we’ve implemented minor bug fixes and made some rebranding adjustments on the app configuration page. These refinements improve the overall user experience and ensure our platform remains aligned with the latest industry standards and practices.


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