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What’s New on the 1E Exchange: Empowering IT Operations

DEX Packs

This October, we’re spotlighting DEX Packs that have significantly contributed to optimizing IT management processes. Let’s delve deeper into these powerful capabilities and uncover the unique features and benefits they offer.”

DEX Pack: Software Inventory

The Software Inventory DEX Pack is an invaluable resource for IT teams, facilitating the creation of a comprehensive inventory of all installed software. It meticulously gathers details such as installation dates, software titles, vendor information, and version numbers. This capability is essential for ensuring software compliance, managing licenses, and maintaining up-to-date and authorized software across the network.

Key Features:

  • Exhaustive software listing: effortlessly compile detailed lists of installed applications, providing a complete overview of software distribution.
  • Unauthorized software detection: Rapidly identify and address unauthorized installations to uphold compliance and security standards.
  • Insightful software analytics: Obtain detailed information on software installations, usage patterns, and version distributions to inform upgrade and licensing decisions.
  • Remote software administration: Streamline software management with capabilities for remote application uninstallation, guaranteeing a tidy and efficient software environment.

DEX Pack: Network

The Network DEX Pack serves as a comprehensive capability for IT professionals, offering a suite of instructions for monitoring and managing network settings and devices. It plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal network performance, swiftly addressing connectivity issues, and ensuring network configurations align with organizational policies.

Key Features:

  • Efficient network troubleshooting: Verify website accessibility and adjust network settings remotely, minimizing the need for direct user interaction.
  • Targeted Wi-Fi management: Identify devices predominantly using Wi-Fi and optimize content deployment and network performance accordingly.
  • Comprehensive network information: access detailed network data, including IPv4/IPv6 configurations, NIC details, and MAC addresses, to maintain full network visibility.

DEX Pack: Disk Space Management

The Disk Space Management DEX Pack offers a suite of tools designed to monitor, report, and optimize disk space usage across various devices. This capability ensures devices operate at peak performance, with enough space for essential applications and user data, while also automating disk cleanup tasks.

Key Features:

  • Proactive disk space monitoring: Continuously track disk space availability, identifying and addressing low disk space issues proactively.
  • Automated cleanup tools: Reclaim valuable disk space through cleanup actions, removing temporary files, clearing logs, and optimizing disk performance.
  • Detailed disk space reporting: Generate extensive reports on disk space usage, file and folder sizes, and drive details to maintain a balanced and efficient storage environment.

The DEX Packs featured in this spotlight represent just a fraction of our commitment to excellence. Explore these capabilities, embrace their functionalities, and elevate your IT management practices to new heights. Together, we achieve success.


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