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What’s New on the 1E Exchange: November’s Featured DEX Packs

This November, we were excited to present three DEX Packs that offer unique capabilities to enhance system efficiency, security, and manageability.

Managed Reboots:

The Managed Reboots DEX Pack is an essential tool for modern IT environments, especially in managing the complexities of device updates and security. It allows IT administrators to effectively handle reboots required after patch deployments, ensuring that all devices are compliant with the latest updates without interrupting the user workflow. This pack is particularly vital in large-scale environments where timely and coordinated reboots are necessary for maintaining system integrity and security.

Key Features:

  • Efficient reboot management: streamlines the management of device reboots, reducing the risk of update-related issues.
  • Organizational reboot execution: facilitates systematic reboots across the enterprise, minimizing user inconvenience.
  • User-friendly notifications: provides clear, timely notifications to users about upcoming reboots, improving communication and compliance.
  • Enhanced compliance and security: Makes sure devices are always up-to-date and secure, crucial in today’s fast-evolving security landscape.

MEMCM Client Health

The MEMCM Client Health DEX Pack takes Configuration Manager client management to a new level. It replaces the older SCCM Client Health policy, offering a more robust and comprehensive approach. This pack makes sure that all Configuration Manager clients within an organization are functioning optimally, monitoring their health and performance to prevent potential issues. It’s particularly effective in environments where maintaining client health is critical for operational efficiency and security.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive client monitoring: offers in-depth monitoring of client health, ensuring high operational efficiency.
  • Version control: Guarantees that only the correct, up-to-date version of the Configuration Manager client is deployed.
  • Automated inventory and state messages: enhances the reliability of client reporting, aiding in proactive management.
  • Cache size management: Optimizes Configuration Manager client cache size for better system performance.

Local Admin

The Local Admin DEX Pack introduces an approach to managing local administrative rights. It’s designed to provide IT administrators with the tools to grant and revoke local admin rights in a controlled and time-bound manner. This pack is particularly useful in environments where users require occasional admin rights for specific tasks, such as software installation, but where maintaining security is paramount. The ability to manage these rights remotely and automatically provides a balance between user autonomy and organizational security.

Key Features:

  • Remote management of admin rights: enables the granular control of local admin rights from a central location.
  • Timed rights revocation: automates the removal of admin rights, significantly reducing security risks.
  • Enables essential user tasks: Empowers users to perform necessary actions without compromising overall system security.
  • Balances flexibility and security: strikes an ideal balance between providing user access and maintaining tight security controls.

As we conclude November, the new DEX Packs at 1E Exchange exemplify our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions for IT operations. These tools are designed not just to respond to current challenges but to anticipate future needs in IT management. We encourage our community to explore these innovative capabilities and join us in advancing the field of IT operations.


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