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What’s New on the 1E Platform: Deeper Insights, More Control, Greater Efficiency

1E Platform release update

Welcome to the latest update of the 1E platform. We’re thrilled to introduce our May 2024 (24.5) release. It’s packed with exciting new features and enhancements designed to provide you with deeper insights, more control, and greater efficiency in managing your IT environment. Our commitment to continuous improvement means you can always expect the best in digital employee experience (DEX) and endpoint management. Let’s dive into the highlights of this release.

Inventory Insights

Managing your software inventory is now more efficient and insightful with the latest updates to 1E Inventory Insights. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Normalized software: Achieve data consistency across your software inventory with our new normalization feature. Whether you use the 1E Catalog or create custom rules, you’ll make sure your Vendor, Title, Version, and Edition data are standardized, giving you a clear and consistent view of your software landscape.
  • Unmatched software: Easily identify and standardize non-normalized software data with custom rules, ensuring your inventory remains accurate and actionable.
  • All Software view: The new “All Software” screen offers a comprehensive view of your organization’s raw software data, categorizing software based on its normalization status. This provides a holistic understanding of your software environment.
  • Create rules: Flexibility is at your fingertips with the ability to create custom rules to normalize unmatched software. This includes assigning United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes (UNSPSC) for easier data refinement.
  • Device pillar: Gain deeper insights into software installations with the ability to drill down into specific devices. See exactly which devices have particular software installed and when it was installed.

Stronger Management Group Safeguards

We understand the importance of making informed changes to your management groups. Our new safeguarding measures ensure you know the impact of any changes before they take effect:

  • Impact visibility: Full transparency is now available. Admins can see the total number of assignments, policies, and engagements associated with a Management Group and its subgroups, helping you understand the broader implications of your changes.
  • Simulation process: The new simulation process allows admins to evaluate the impact of changes on assignments, policies, and engagements, including how many devices will be affected. This test-before-commit approach provides smarter decision-making.
  • Change notifications: Stay informed and prevent conflicts. If another admin is using a Management Group, you’ll be notified to avoid conflicting changes.
  • Draft management: Keep your workspace clean and organized. Full admins can discard drafts made by colleagues. And, to keep management groups updated, drafts are automatically discarded after 72 hours.

Long-Term Service Branch (LTSB) Release Cadence

We’re excited to introduce the Long-Term Service Branch (LTSB) release cadence for the 1E Windows Client, starting with this May 2024 release:

  • Stable and secure: Each LTSB version will be supported for 18 months, focusing on essential fixes for critical security and stability issues without feature updates. This approach makes sure there are fewer disruptions and a stable, secure environment.
  • Predictable updates: The next annual LTSB release will include all new features from our regular release cycle. This provides significant updates on a predictable schedule while allowing us to continuously add value to the 1E platform and Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

Fixes and Improvements

In addition to the new features, we’ve also addressed several issues and made enhancements to improve your experience with the 1E platform:

  • Crash reporting: improved crash reporting on macOS to include user-level application crashes, ensuring better diagnostics and quicker resolutions.
  • Deployment procedure: enhanced mobile device management deployment with integrations for JAMF and Kandji, streamlining the process for admins.
  • Deprecated features: Several tables and methods have been deprecated to streamline the client and improve performance.
  • New solutions: We’ve introduced new solutions such as the RoI dashboard for 1E Endpoint Automation and updated UI designs based on new MUI standards.
  • Device refresh: Added support for HP Device Warranty information and an insights dashboard for AVD and desktop replacements, ensuring you have all the information you need for effective device management.


This May 2024 (24.5) release of the 1E platform brings a host of powerful new features and enhancements designed to make managing your IT environment more efficient and insightful. Improved Inventory Insights, stronger Management Group Safeguards, and the Long-Term Service Branch (LTSB) release cadence provide you with the tools needed to optimize DEX and endpoint management.

We hope these updates enhance your experience with the 1E platform, making your digital employee experience initiative easier and more effective. For more detailed information on all the changes, check out our release notes. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, happy exploring!


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