What’s the deal with Windows Creators Update?

What’s the deal with Windows Creators Update?

We are all thrilled about the release of The Creators Update (CB). It’s one of those announcements that is “very interesting” to the industry.  Ironically, it’s called the Creators Update, yet you will be hard pressed to find articles about the new creation aspects.  For Enterprise IT, there are several items that immediately catch your attention and make you want to update… in four or so months.
Why not now?
Because four months from now is when Current Branch for Business (CBB) is predicted to release.  While others are excited about CB because of the new start and taskbar layout, let’s discuss a few features of CBB aimed at enterprise IT that instantly catch my attention:

  • Windows Insider for Business – the ability to control, manage, and learn how the next CBB release will impact your business
  • Improved control of Windows Update – scheduling, restart times, delay of cumulative updates.  If your business application is impacted, you can buy yourself 30 days to fix your vulnerability.
  • Improved control panel and further death of MMC and CPL –  I am sure a learning curve will occur with the typical end user followed by the realization that using the control panel is easy.
  • Unified Security dashboard
    • Improved Virus & threat protection
    • Device performance & Health
    • Firewall & network protection
    • App & browser control
  • Family options
  • PowerShell, PowerShell, PowerShell – replaced the CMD in the WinKey+X menu.  If you can achieve the action via PowerShell that means Automation is easy!
  • Gaming Mode – (nice!) improved team collaboration and hand-eye coordination training while working… (or something like that.)

Personal Favorites

  • Nightlight – reduce blue light for reduced eye strain
  • The death of snipping tool – WinKey+Shift+S is now available with or without O365.  OneNote FTW!

The items above are just things that will get your attention in Enterprise IT.  What really makes life interesting is the improved stability, control via WU, MDM, SCCM, GPO, Antivirus, etc., as well as massively improved user experience like the ability to create folders in the start menu tiles: simple things that make your end users happier.
For a detailed list of features check out the MS Blog
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