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Why is 1E a great place to work?


Having recently celebrated my first work anniversary at 1E, I took time out to revisit what I would call an amazing journey so far. A year ago I had the choice between joining 1E, or a much larger IT giant. Unlike what conventional logic might dictate, I chose the former, impressed by the company’s vision and energy. A year later, I am very proud of the decision I made. So what is it that gets me going in this company? I have hand-picked five aspects that make me love my job here.
The Culture: The first thing I noticed about 1E is its open and flexible environment. This company thrives on the exchange of ideas and has created a strong yet adaptive culture that provided newcomers like me, access to incredible people across differing locations, job areas, and seniorities. The reason behind 1E being such a high-performing company is the fact that it’s driven by great leadership. The monthly company updates addressed by the CEO himself which are open to questions from each and every employee in the company are a remarkable thing.
The People: “Great people attract great people”. At 1E every single creative idea is valued (irrespective of the designation of the employee). It is backed by top leadership who trust in your abilities and co-workers who enjoy your triumphs. Work is fun when your co-workers are so friggin’ awesome! 1E’s unique culture is rooted in its core values– a belief that if you honour the values you will end up creating an enriching work environment that people will want to be a part of for the long run.
The Compensation: For most people this is a leading factor while choosing a company to work for. Compensation sure qualifies as the biggest motivation at work in many cases, and when gauging job success it often boils down to how much you make. Trust me, 1E is one of the best paymasters around. In addition to a highly competitive salary there are several fantastic perks and benefits involved, whether you are based in the company’s Indian, UK, Irish, or US offices. If you have worked hard to become an asset to the organization, you will be paid what you deserve (and sometimes more), no catches whatsoever!
The Opportunities: The support infrastructure that allows you to be successful here is like nothing I’ve ever seen at any company I’ve ever worked at. The way teams are organized and work together to help you be successful is incredible. As a fast growing company in a rapidly evolving industry, smart working and intellectually curious professionals can find endless opportunities to hone their skills here.
The Social Celebrations: Employees here don’t need a reason to party. Celebrations take place all-through the year. Every single employee’s birthday, every newborn in the family, every top executive visit, whether Christmas or Diwali, every occasion that you can name is celebrated with equal vigour across all international 1E office locations. “Work hard, party harder” – If you’re a believer of this old theory than 1E is the place to be. Where else is beer served at your work desk? 🙂
At 1E, you get the best of both worlds. Not only do you get rewarded generously for your efforts, but there is this never-ending room for advancement. Very few companies are small enough to make every employee feel they count, but still have such an impressive global influence; many of the world’s top brands use 1E products day-in-day-out. Quite often you might join a new company, a new job, and feel like, “Bummer!, this ain’t anything like I expected”. No such worries here, 1E exceeded it.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022