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Inside the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: The MVP Perspective

Inside-the-Windows-10-Fall-Creators-Update -The-MVP-Perspective

It’s hard to keep up with all of the Windows 10 updates. Luckily we’ve had MVP experts to keep us on track about all of the important bits of information. Who better to trust than the MVPs who have been working hands-on with the updates since the beginning?
From the webinar with Shaun Cassells and Nawzil Najeeb in which both MVPs outlined their favorite new features along with what’s needed to properly service your organization, they both answered some important questions from the session in this Q and A post.

A little background on the MVPs

mvp windows

Shaun Cassells has been with 1E since 2010 and has seen the industry change immensely. As a Windows Insider MVP, Shaun has extensive experience in analysis, optimization, and design of Configuration Manager and Operations business processes. (Shaun also spoke at this year’s Ignite Conference!)
Nawzil Najeeb is based in Kuwait and is a former Microsoft employee. He is known as “the Windows guy” among thousands of Windows fans, enthusiasts and Windows Insiders globally. He is the Founder and Admin of some of the most active Microsoft and Windows related groups on Facebook including “One Microsoft” and “Windows Insiders“.

If you missed their webinar, there are a few things you can do:

If you’re one of the many who needs to reduce the impact of frequent Windows 10 updates, learn how to properly manage Configuration Manager for Windows 10 servicing, or if you just want to see how to do some cool things with the updates, this on-demand webinar is perfect for you.


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