The Rough Guide to Windows Security you’ve been waiting for

The Rough Guide to Windows Security you’ve been waiting for

It’s been a busy first half of the year. Security has been a hot-button issue. IT teams started 2018 off trying to replenish our weak spots from the WannaCry and Meltdown attacks, but there are already plenty of new dangerous threats that we need to keep our eyes open to. Does your organization have the proper armor on to fight these battles? Do you know for sure? One of the common problems for organizations that faced serious ramifications from these cyber attacks was that they simply didn’t know what security features were enabled across their network.

That can’t be the excuse anymore.

As malware becomes more and more advanced, so do the security features the operating systems, especially Windows 10. As an IT professional, whether in a security or operations team, It’s your job to know what these features are, what they do (and don’t do) and ensure all relevant protections are properly configured.
To help you get a better understanding of these new and advanced security options in Windows 10, 1E is hosting a live webinar with Microsoft expert Shannon Fritz and 1E’s Dave Fuller to show you what you should be asking your IT team for in the Windows 10 upgrade/servicing in a live webinar.
You’ll also get up to speed on what is needed to enable these features and to keep Windows 10 up to date (#StayCurrent). Cryptic technology issues such as converting from BIOS to UEFI and TPM version are critical enablers for security and this webinar will lay out all the necessary details.
But wait! There’s more!
Usually, users get stuck after they acquire the appropriate knowledge. But in this webinar, you’ll learn how to do all the updates automatically. This isn’t an easy task since every hardware vendor has different ways of going about it. The automation factor is a life saver.
Here’s your chance to ask the questions that have been on your back burner. Turn up the heat, get cooking, and don’t miss this opportunity to speak with and learn from world-class experts.


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