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Windows XP: 100 Days Until #EndofDaysXP

Windows-XP -100-Days-Until- EndofDaysXP

100 days, that’s how long until Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows XP, and ceases to offer support for the operating system first released in 2001. Any organization that hasn’t migrated to Windows 7 or Windows 8 by April 8 2014, is leaving themselves wide open to hackers, and facing extortionate custom support charges. Research has shown that XP users are at six times higher risk of hacking even before the end of Windows XP extended support. That figure will leap come mid-April.
100 days is not long to migrate a large organization if yours is among the estimated 30-40% that have yet to move fully off XP. Yet all is not lost. In fact, there are some big advantages to letting so many other companies migrate before you: they’ve learned the hard lessons about large-scale application and OS migration, so you can swerve around the obstacles and hop over the pitfalls.
We, at 1E, believe there are five major factors which prevent IT from staying current in terms of the Operating System, and many other technologies, which we have discussed in an earlier article series.
We have developed tools to help you achieve your migration goal, in a way that is fast, secure, and reliable. Unlike other ‘zero-touch’ solutions, 1E’s true Zero-Touch Migration enables late-mover organizations to not only complete their migration on time, but also as a Business-As-Usual activity, in the most cost-effective manner. Our free eBook on the subject tells you all you need to know. Get it here.
You can’t automate your migration without understanding the critical processes that drive it. The good news: once you do identify and automate key processes, your migration will be faster, lower-cost and far less disruptive. Our expert white paper gives an empirical analysis of the major decisions affecting any Windows migration project.
And it’s not just theory. The Windows migration experts at 1E have helped dozens of large companies make it to the other side. Here’s just one example.
So, with 100 days to go until #EndofDaysXP, the race is truly on. 1E can help you across the finish line, allowing you to get on with what you do best. Your business.


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