“Worried About Windows Servicing?” 1E asks a big question of MSIgnite 2017

“Worried About Windows Servicing?” 1E asks a big question of MSIgnite 2017

As Windows 10 becomes the reality – or at least the imminent reality – for more and more organizations, there’s a growing realization that the OS carries with it an unprecedented demand on our networks.
On the one hand, WannaCry has helped illustrate that it’s never been more important to make that concerted effort to really #StayCurrent – and that isn’t limited to OS upgrades, but to all software updates. On the other, Windows 10 means that actually staying current requires unprecedented effort.
As Dave Fuller puts it (in the video below), with Windows 10, “every single machine every month is downloading a quality update that’s typically around a gig.” Given the weighty dimensions of this new reality, automation (our enduring raison d’être here at 1E) becomes all the more beneficial and compelling to organizations embracing or set to embrace Windows 10: imagine being able to manage all of those updates, and all of that content, without unnecessary servers, and without monopolising business-critical bandwidth!
It’s a theme we look at on the first of a new series of 1E videos we’re calling the Windows 10 University. In this first installment SCCM gurus, Dave Fuller and Troy Martin spell out the Windows 10 servicing challenge.

We expect to have a lot of conversations over the course of Ignite – largely at our booth, #1135 –  about how we can help organizations alleviate the Windows 10 servicing strain, but we’re also taking the opportunity to unveil a major upgrade to our Windows Servicing Suite.
There are four distinct aspects to this WSS upgrade, including comprehensive automation for Windows servicing, the new Windows Servicing Assistant, and Application Migration Intelligence. All of these significantly enhance the already-standout solution, but it is arguably the integration of Tachyon that is the most novel and original addition to the suite.
Tachyon delivers real-time query and change capabilities to IT estates regardless of size, scaling to millions of endpoints, including IoT and mobile. It’s caused quite a stir since its release, and its integration with WSS testifies again to Tachyon’s swiss-army knife versatility.
As part of the Windows 10 migration process, Tachyon lets organizations look before they leap. Still better – it lets them make changes to those endpoints that need them, not just checking but helping to prepare the ground for migration, with unmatchable speed and efficiency.
Let’s keep the conversation going- Find us at #MSIgnite where Troy Martin himself will be on hand to demo and answer all of your burning WSS questions. Get ready to feel confident about moving forward with your Windows upgrades. See you soon!


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