Jason keogh

Jason Keogh

VP of Product

How ISO 19770-3 Will Revolutionize ITAM

Monday, September 12, 2016 | Arora 3

In April a new SAM standard was released. This standard has the capability to reshape the face of ITAM. Attend this session, presented by the ISO Editor, to learn how ISO 19770-3:

  • Empowers you when negotiating with vendors
  • Enables automation of license management
  • Helps you move the ITAM industry forward

Jason Keogh is an internationally recognized subject matter expert in Software Asset Management (SAM) and a 20+ year veteran of the IT industry. Jason has a wealth of experience in desktop and datacenter technologies, particularly with giants Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. Jason is a contributor to the ITAM process standard ISO 19770-1, co-editor of Software Identification Tag standard ISO 19770-2 and editor of ISO 19770-3, the new international standard for defining and managing Software License Entitlements. Jason is a regular blogger and an entertaining, thought provoking speaker who talks several times a year at SAM, ITAM and Procurement events internationally.

Software Asset Management

Negotiate from strength

Audit Defense Services

1E can help you with the best approaches when responding to your vendors throughout the audit process and can equip you and your team with an understanding of common tactics and strategies that the auditor will use during the process and at final negotiations.

Reduce the Cost of Software Renewals

Your company currently spends up to 40% of its entire IT budget on software. By understanding the actual use of software, even in large-scale environments, 1E can highlight areas of direct savings for our customers.

Implement Strategic SAM

While it is important to understand the specific strategies of a vendor for each audit, by implementing best practices aligned with the international standards which the auditors themselves use, you can minimize your audit risk and proactively reduce your likelihood and frequency of audit.

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