Getting Started with 1E

1E makes working with us easy by doing all the hard work for you. We listen to you every step of the way and keep innovating to help your IT team deliver more value to the business every day.

Below is a proven engagement model that puts you, the customer, first so that you can decide how to engage us to support your objectives.

First meeting

As soon as you contact 1E, a business and a technical person will be assigned to speak with you. Their role is to clarify what outcomes you would like to achieve and whether our solution can help.  


The 1E team will require details about the business outcomes you wish to prioritize and about your technical environment. We will discuss at a high level how our solution can help you achieve your priorities.

Technical proof

The technical proof occurs in two stages. First, we demo that our product can technically achieve the agreed outcomes. Second, we prove that the solution can be implemented in your organization.

Commercial and legal agreements

Should you decide to partner with 1E, at this stage we will negotiate and sign a legal contract. 1E always aims to be transparent on pricing. Discounts are available for specific criteria.

Once you are a customer

This is the bit we are most proud about. We assign to you dedicated technical and business experts to support you in achieving success. This is our Number 1 priority.

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