Here is a proven engagement model that we have tried and tested across numerous successful project deliveries. You, as a customer, always have the choice to engage us as you like, and we support your choices.

First meeting

As soon as you contact 1E, a business and a technical person will be assigned to speak with you. Their role is to clarify what outcomes you would like to achieve and whether our solution can help.

Your 1E contact will ask you about your role, the outcomes you are interested in and your timescale. This allows them to prioritise their work. They may also offer a simple, high-level demonstration of the technology. We will book a discovery meeting if we can help.   


Discovery is a two-way process. It is an incredibly important meeting as the rest of the engagement is planned from here. In discovery, the 1E team will require details about the business outcomes you wish to prioritize and about your technical environment. We will discuss at a high level how our solution can help you achieve your priorities.

The next step is a technical proof and requires dedicated time (one day minimum) from both teams. We recommend an executive-to-executive meeting to ensure this work is a priority for the business.

Technical proof

1E has designed a model to make this often-cumbersome step easy and valuable for our customers. 1E first proves that our products can technically achieve the agreed outcomes and then we prove that the solution can be implemented in your organization. 1E experts have also codified all our experience to deliver a success plan focused on achieving the specific outcomes needed in your organization.

Commercial and legal agreements

1E always aims to be transparent on pricing. Discounts are available for specific criteria. We understand the need to be flexible with legal contracts and are generally happy to accept yours. Of course, we can also provide ours.

Once you are a customer

This is the bit we are most proud about. Your team will be well looked after. You will have dedicated technical and business experts to support you in achieving success. Our support team gets some of the highest approval ratings of any vendor. Our product team is always available to talk and every 1E executive is tasked with ensuring your success. This is our Number 1 priority.

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