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The urgent need to increase IT capacity

The current dynamic between IT and its customers is concerning. As the latter increasingly learn to expect more from their at-work technology, IT becomes more and more stretched. It all adds up to a pressing need to somehow increase IT capacity. Here are the main trends unsettling IT Service Managers:

20% YoY increase in Demands on IT

We live in an age of breathless technological advancement. Barely a year goes by when some form of innovation doesn’t significantly alter the way we live.

The world of work is similarly impacted, as increasing amounts of new apps change the working methods of individual departments. Coupled with the growing prevalence and severity of cyber threats, it all adds up to a 20% YoY increase of demands on IT.

82% of ITSM professionals believe that working in IT will become more challenging by 2020

All too often, however, IT is expected to manage this complexity, and satisfy growing end-user expectations, with multiple tools and manual processes that are time consuming and outdated.

Without greater augmentation and automation, these accelerated demands evidently add up to a forbidding picture for the future of IT.

86% of companies will need greater automation by 2020

Given these intensifying demands, it’s little surprise that 86% of IT teams are seeking some alleviation from spiraling workload and user demand in enhanced automation. The issue isnt’ solely a matter of increased IT capacity.

Even if IT teams could multiply their numbers indefinitely, it’s unlikely this could provide the user experience desired by most: only automation can provide the fluency so conspicuously lacking today. The question is frequently one of budgets – and a lack of awareness on the part of those that control them.

70% of employees globally, work remotely at least once a week

Where organizations aren’t actively encouraging their employees to embrace remote working, employees are often clamoring for greater freedom to do the same.

Everyone, meanwhile, expects a high degree of service and security wherever they are. This presents a riddle for IT. No-one is harder for IT to keep secure, current and satisfied than remote workers.


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