Windows 7 Support expires 14th January 2020

Even if you’re planning a mixed approach to your organization’s Windows 10 migration, you’re looking at a lengthy process, and need to contact us as soon as possible.

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The average OS migration can take upwards of two years.
You need to act now

1E provides automation that covers all the scenarios for getting to Windows 10 – replacing hardware, provisioning new devices, in-place upgrades and wipe and load upgrades.

Crucially, our automated solutions work for those working remotely as well as those in the office. Anything else leaves you with complex, slow and expensive manual effort.

Don’t let your organization fall behind

1E & Bacardi: a perfect cocktail for the Windows 10 era

The presence of Nomad within the business means the data is out there. Whether we use that data for a lifecycle replacement in the image build, or in the future choose to have an in-place upgrade, we have options.

David Keeble
Senior Manager, IT Services, End User Computing | Bacardi

1E has helped hundreds of the world’s leading organizations migrate all their Windows endpoints in an accelerated, fully-automated way, saving millions on labor costs.