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Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Feb 02, 2011


Getting ready to revolutionize IT once again.

Has your organization spent money on software that is not being used?

Do you have an effective system in place to help manage your software assets?

“39% of users felt that they had anything between one & five applications on their machine that were unused”. Vanson Bourne, End User Survey 2010

Three steps to take control of your software spend:

  • Gain control of software waste and reclaim unused licenses
  • Reconcile your installed software with the licenses you have purchased
  • Get rapid actionable results within weeks, not months or years

Application Management Platform allows you to:

  • Obtain an accurate and in-depth picture of all software deployed via powerful integration with Microsoft ConfigMgr
  • Identify prohibited software (such as BitTorrent) and avoid version sprawl
  • Proactively prepare for software vendor audits without incurring extra costs
  • Detect and eliminate shelfware, reducing maintenance and support costs

NOTE: This is currently a UK sector only event.

To learn how to take your first step towards taking control of your software budget, join us on Tuesday 15th February at 2.30pm for our Webinar – ‘Taking control of your software spend’

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