Sep 30, 2016 Diksha Grewal

At 1E, our biggest advocates are our customers

At 1E, our biggest advocates are our customers

Who can be a bigger advocate – than a customer? 1700 organizations, with over 26 million seats, use 1E technologies to solve mission critical problems daily and save money while doing so. We have worked with and continue to work with some of the largest companies in the world – some we can name and some we can’t.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our latest flagship collaborations.

A huge American sportswear/footwear company had been having issues with delivering software, OS content and patches to its retail outlets. This led to a high number of helpdesk calls and major network impact. With 1E Nomad, their helpdesk calls have gone down by about 87% and 98% of their machines are always up-to-date. Furthermore, this was achieved while the customer saved over a million dollars from DP reduction, OS distribution and general IT savings. 1E ‘just did it’!

‘Life is on’ for another European multinational company using 1E software. They needed a Windows 10 compatibility tool to report application compatibility for the upgrade. The tool didn’t exist, so 1E’s professional services spent sleepless nights getting this widget ready for them. The customer couldn’t have been happier!

‘You know when it’s them!’ One of the world’s largest, privately-held, family-owned spirits company, with a portfolio of over 200 brands and labels, had IBM managing their desktop services. The managed services solution was costing our customer over $500K per year. They engaged 1E to regain control, become more agile and streamline IT services.

One of the “Big Four” audit firms, the third largest professional services firm in the world, needed to migrate to Configuration Manager 2012 rapidly and cost-effectively. 1E’s software and services has enabled them to accelerate their migration process – resulting in a very happy customer.

Customers run businesses. 1E customers have a customer satisfaction rating of more than 95%. The core of everything we do here at 1E is keeping in mind the end user experience and how we could make life simpler for businesses.