1E coming to Calgary, October 26th, 2011

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Oct 25, 2011

Microsoft® Windows 7 is the highest quality Windows® release to date, offering many new and enhanced features. But migrating to Windows 7 can impose challenges on any organization, especially in planning, managing and automating the deployment.

This is where real experience counts. By working with our consultants you can quickly build a cohesive strategy to deploy your new operating system, knowing that you have ensured the compatibility of all your mission critical hardware, desktop applications and data.

Leverage our knowledgeable and experienced consultants to help you deploy quickly, cost effectively and without disruption. Significantly reduce costs, allowing you to deploy operating systems and software upgrades across the network with zero-touch IT involvement, no branch servers and no site visits. Scale to deploy thousands of PCs a week with the smallest of teams, giving you the benefit of our years of experience in OS deployments. Reduce the hardware, software and staff necessary to manage operating system deployments, while maintaining scalability Enable migrations to occur out-of-hours to limit any impact on user or business productivity.

Windows 7 Migration Services build on the zero-touch installation capabilities of ConfigMgr OS Deployment and the Deployment Toolkit with innovative software like Nomad Enterprise and WakeUp, extending zero-touch deployment throughout your environment, even to remote branches, without the need for site visits or servers.

Event Details:

When: October 26, 2011, 1pm-3pm MDT
Where: Microsoft Calgary Office,110 9th Ave SW – 8th Floor, Calgary, AB T2P1M9 CA
What: Discussion
Hosted by: 1E TriCon
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