Dec 10, 2015 Nathaniel Martinez

1E NightWatchman helps oscar lambret snag sustainability award

1E NightWatchman helps oscar lambret snag sustainability award

Congratulations to 1E client The Oscar Lambret Center – a regional comprehensive cancer center in Northern France – for winning the 2015 UNICANCER Sustainable Development Innovation award. Not only are we really excited for the Center, we’re also happy to know that 1E NightWatchman was a core part of the initiative that led to their success.

Created in 1955, the Oscar Lambret Center is a non-profit private healthcare organization and member of France’s UNICANCER group, focusing on cancer treatment, research and teaching. In 2012, after adopting a Sustainable Development Charter, the Center realized that a large portion of its PC estate was being unnecessarily left powered on overnight during week-days and over weekends. To eliminate this waste, the Center’s IT department initiated a Green IT Project for IT to centrally power down PCs not in use outside of business hours. Using the 1E NightWatchman Management Console from 1E, Oscar Lambret has implemented 11 distinct 1E NightWatchman power management policies to automatically shut down desktops of different services at the end of their business day, based on the specific end-users needs and requirements, and automatically power machines on in the morning. As a result, PC power consumption has been cut, reducing the Center’s CO2 emissions by 11 tonnes per year and saving €6.7 in energy costs per computer actively power managed per year. The security, health and lifespan of PCs have also been improved thanks to regular successful updates and patching.

Earlier this year, the project’s success was recognized with a Sustainable Development Innovation award from UNICANCER. Didier Cauchois, Head of IT Management Support, Centre Oscar Lambret says: “The UNICANCER Development Awards specifically recognize initiatives developed by cancer centers for reducing the impacts of their activities on the environment. Our Green IT Project was selected for its innovative nature, reproducibility in other Comprehensive Cancer centers and benefits for the patients and the organization of the Center.”

We’re really impressed by this great example of how using 1E products benefits our customers – and helps them gain recognition within their industries.