Aug 19, 2015 Troy Martin

1E product support statement for ConfigMgr 2012 SP2 / R2 SP1 and Windows 10


On May 14, Microsoft released ConfigMgr 2012 SP2/R2 SP1 with support for Windows 10 included. On June 1, Microsoft announced the July 29 release date for Windows 10. We had an important decision to make:

  • Test ConfigMgr 2012 SP2/R2 SP1 by itself and release a support statement for it. Test Windows 10 by itself and release a support statement for it.


  • Wait for Windows 10 to release on July 29 and test both ConfigMgr 2012 SP2/R2 SP1 and Windows 10 together, releasing a joint support statement

We decided to go with the latter, waiting until after Windows 10 was released. We believe this was the best decision in that customers were able to confidently begin their own testing of both releases together, knowing that their efforts are fully supported by 1E. The decision has also benefited 1E as it prevented impact to upcoming product releases that are scheduled in Q3 and Q4.

Another reason the decision was made is that it helped to avoid a scenario where each 1E product could have required multiple hotfixes and/or maintenance releases – particularly for our agent-based products: one for ConfigMgr 2012 SP2/R2 SP1, and one for Windows 10. Understanding the preferred schedule most customers follow when deploying enterprise software (e.g. once per quarter or every six months), deploying multiple hotfixes/maintenance and new product version releases within a short period of time is generally undesired.

At 1E, we give high regard to our customer’s goals, entrusting that this understanding is the compass which leads us to making the best decisions possible.

Below is the 1E product support matrix for ConfigMgr 2012 SP2/R2 SP1 and Windows 10:

ProductVersionConfigMgr 2012 SP2/R2 SP1Windows 10Notes
ActiveEfficiency1.9n/aRelease date: Aug-15
AppClarity Server5.0Release date: Oct-15
AppClarity Reclaimer5.0
AppClarity Console5.0
AppClarity Server4.6n/a
AppClarity Reclaimer4.6Nov-15
AppClarity Console4.6No supportIf required, please contact 1E Support
AppClarity Server4.5No supportn/a
AppClarity Reclaimer4.5n/aNov-15
AppClarity Console4.5No supportNo supportEnd-of-Life in Apr-16
NightWatchman7.0.100Maintenance Release date: Sep-15
NightWatchman7.0No supportUpgrade to 7.0.100 MR
NightWatchman6.5No supportNo supportUpgrade to 7.0 + 7.0.100 MR
Nomad6.0Release date: Aug-15
PXE Everywhere3.0Release date: Aug-15
PXE Everywhere2.3
PXE Everywhere2.2
Shopping5.2Release date: Oct-15
Shopping4.7No supportNo support