#1EMVPchat: Things we learned

Mandy Fisher
Mar 01, 2018
#1EMVPchat: Things we learned

We had a great turn out for Monday’s #1EMVPchat Twitter Party. Our MVPs talked about migrating to Windows 10 and issues they are currently experiencing. Thanks to our expert hosts Niall Brady, Jason Sandys, Dave Kawula, and Émile Cabot. Check out the highlights below!

Dave kicked off the chat by freaking everyone out: (just kidding!)


Jason opened up a can of worms:


Niall saved the day:


And Émile and Niall confirmed AutoPilot is the only way to the future:


If you want to see more MVP highlights, pop the #1EMVPchat hashtag in to Twitter to see the full transcript. You can also check out the MVP hosts here:
Niall Brady
Émile Cabot
Dave Kawula
Jason Sandys

Want more parties this year?  Let us know which MVPs you’d like to hear from, what topics you’re interested in, and what you’d like to learn.

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