1E’s 1st-ever Partner Training session in the US underway!

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Jun 21, 2011

We finally kick-started our Partner Training Program in the US this week. This 1st session, is a technical session, designed to train our partners on NightWatchman Enterprise and Nomad. The feedback that we have received from partners has been extremely positive so far and they are anxious to go back to their customer-base and start selling and implementing our products. We have partners from over 4 companies attending the training class.

The training program has gotten off to an extremely smooth start. It has taken a lot of hard work and an amazing team to put the entire training program together. A big thank you to:

Rob Haines and Ian Godfrey (supported by Paul Bateman & Vishal) for putting together a world class training curriculum and hands-on-lab. exercises. Partners couldn’t believe this was our first training class.

Apurva Desai for running and delivering the training class. Partners are mesmerized by the real world experiences that Apurva is bringing to the class.

Caroline Duffy (supported by Matt) for flawless execution and management of logistics.

Below are some pictures of the class in progress and a welcome party that was arranged for the partners.

Partner Training Program

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