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2011 Means 1E is Revving Up the User Group Visits–Upcoming Events

1E is a huge supporter of community, and has been for years. 1E sees the extreme value in promoting, fostering, and sponsoring community. A strong community eases support, management, implementation, and use of hardware and software products. Technical communities come in a couple different forms, online and offline, and 1E strives to be active in both.

One good example of 1E’s support of online communities, is 1E has been a Platinum sponsor of for years. is a central location for peer support for all systems management methodologies and products (scripting, Active Directory, GPO, System Center, etc.).

Though a huge aspect of community, online communities only represent a portion of what makes community important and special. Offline communities, or User Groups, are the other side and in a lot of cases even more important. For that reason, 1E is gearing up to spend a bunch of time this year making visits to User Groups.

Here’s a couple upcoming events (next week!):

Tennessee SMUG – January 13th, 2010

Click the image to view the invitation.

Tennessee SMUG

If you’d like 1E to visit your User Group for a presentation, feel free to drop us a note.

Looking for a User Group in your area? If you don’t see one listed in your area, contact us. We have individuals at 1E, who are extensively experienced in getting User Groups started and know how to manage them to success.

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