1E’s Software Lifecycle Automation Advent Calendar, 2016

1E s-IT-Advent-Calendar

How great were advent calendars, right, back in the day?

Well, we thought this year 1E would give our followers and friends a digital advent calendar, and one that takes our expanding adult waistlines in mind. With 1E’s Software Lifecycle Automation Advent Calendar, you can pick up 24 pieces of enterprise IT know-how that could – in some instances – save your business millions of dollars in the new year and beyond.

In addition, each of our 24 entries will link to one of the brilliant free tools. webinars, videos, reports or champion blogs from 1E’s splendid 2016 cache.

There will be one a day, all posted on all our social accounts, and all collected right here, too: simply hover over today’s box and collect your gift.


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