A Forrester Analyst explains why you need to accelerate your OS migration

Mandy Fisher | May 24, 2018 | Windows Migration
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The two questions on your mind, regarding your Windows 10 migration, are most likely: 1) Why should I do it? and, 2) How do I do it?

Well, we’ve got your answers right here—and you’ll be amazed by how easy it can be. First, let’s answer the ‘why’ question. We’ve got three reasons why you not only need to start your migration but why you need to accelerate your migration.  Speed is the name of the game and our tools will get you saying “winning!” in no time.

Now let’s look at the ‘how’ part. You can hear the experts say over and over that you need to do it and get it done: but now you can hear from real users and learn how to get it done quickly and efficiently. Hardware replacement can take years. That’s just not smart business. 1E provides the only solution to complete application automation and that’s the Windows Servicing Suite.

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