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A 1E at MMS 2011 Roundup #mms2011

We’ve been posting here about what’s happening at MMS 2011 from the 1E perspective over the past few months. For those that have attended the Microsoft Management Summit before, you know that we’re always busy with cool things. From our booth presentations, our awesome giveaways, our best of breed products and solutions, our community celebrity employees, to our famous annual party, there’s always something going on that interests everyone. MMS 2011 is just around the corner so we thought we’d wrap together a few pieces of our communications in some handy links, so you know exactly how to find us, what to look for, and how to locate the PC Power Management superhero himself, Ed Aldrich.

Here they are:

Microsoft Partner of the Year heads to MMS 2011
Book Your One to One Meeting with 1E at MMS2011
Win a Dell Tablet & booth prizes in sessions on “Empowering Efficient IT” at MMS 2011
Windows 7 Deployment at MMS 2011
Plan Your 1E Booth Visit at MMS2011
1E at MMS 2011–the official word
1E Celebrates the Heroes of Systems Management at MMS 2011
Another 1E MMS 2011 Update: Booth, Gold Sponsorship, Lanyards, Meet-and-greet
Feeding the MMS 2011 Train
Microsoft considers 1E a best of breed solution

1E Booth Arrows

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