A glimpse of the 1E booth at Cisco Live #cl11

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Jul 05, 2011

We mentioned last week about our Magic Duo, Brian Campbell and the Amazing Allison joining us for the Cisco Live event July 10-14, 2011 in Las Vegas, but we were remiss in providing a teaser about it. Brian and Allison join us regularly for special events. If you attended MMS 2011 or TechEd 2011 you had a chance to watch their crazy shenanigans and find some enjoyment in event Expos that could sometimes be mundane or border on monotonous. I mean, c’mon, once you’ve swept through the Expo to grabbed your SWAG, it boils down to revisiting the booths that really capture your attention, unless there’s something special or unique going on. In booth 2140 there will be something going on all the time. Not only will you be able to learn about building an efficient datacenter from the ground-up, but you’ll also get to enjoy some true Vegas fun.

Here’s a short glimpse of what will be happening at the 1E booth. Stop by and I believe Brian and Allison may also be available to “teach” you some of their “tricks”.

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