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Announcing the 1E Community!

1E has always been deeply involved with community. Even during the early years of the company we realized the value of actively participating. For those that have been on-board with 1E since the beginning you might remember how our company started and how much of our success was built on being “buddies” with the community. 1E has always been a strong supporter of the System Center community, through our actions, sponsorship, and product development. Did you know that 1E was one of the very first sponsors of way back in the day? Our top sponsorship of this fabulous, ever-growing customer community continues even to this day. It’s very important to us to continue to be involved in endeavors so important and so critical to many thousands of IT workers.

As 2011 progresses you’ll see even more from us in the community space including involvement in User Groups and premiere support groups like our newly branded INSIDEV1EW customer feedback community.

As you’re probably aware, our customer base has grown significantly. We believe the quality of our products and solutions, in addition to the huge amount of customer savings in money and the environment, has consequently led to an impassioned and loyal community. So, today we are announcing a brand new area of our website dedicated explicitly to the 1E community. Today, we are unveiling our community forums.

The forums are important for a number of reasons, but here’s just a few:

1E Forums The forums give our customers (and potential customers) a direct voice to the 1E product groups. You can post issues, bugs, comments, suggestions, and just about anything else and know that 1E is listening and actively participating.

The forums serve to improve the overall support experience of our customers, giving 24×7 peer support. Working in the community for so long, we know and understand that our customers are some of the smartest individuals in the industry and deserve to have a central location to search for answers and post solutions.

Our customers find some of the most unique and powerful ways of utilizing our products, yet we generally find, even though we might consider it unique, there’s always someone across the globe that is utilizing them in the exact same way. Being able to connect with others in similar situations is extremely valuable and can save time and resources.

1E is about the overall efficiency of the business. Our community serves to build additional efficiency, saving even more money for our customers, and developing a standard by which all communities should strive to achieve.

The forums are just a first step to our overall community vision. As our community evolves and grows, we’ll be adding additional features, functions, and technologies to further enhance your 1E experience.

Create an account today to get started. We’re listening!

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