Mar 20, 2015 asksam

Introducing Ask Sam – The Software Asset Optimization Superhero

Dear Sam,
Who are you and what can you do for me?
Desperately Seeking Answers

Ask Sam Dear Desperately Seeking Answers:

I am part of a new and upcoming group of IT professionals who cringe whenever I see a lack of effective communications between companies! I live in London, a feisty IT professional by day, by night a superhero dedicated to improving software asset optimization through better knowledge of licensing issues. I have a few minions who help me out from time to time, in particular, Jason Keogh, Peter Beruk and Steve Klos. These guys have embraced my effort to improve communications between vendors and customers and they’ve been doing an awesome job in that respect through their work in the developing ITAM standards for ISO. Between the four of us, we have the ability to work with numerous experts in major software publishing companies from whom you likely have software licenses and can get detailed answers to your questions in an indirect manner.

You can ask me specific questions about licensing issues in a completely anonymous manner and I will research the answers – including asking publishers for details, then post replies to this site for everyone to learn from! Go ahead and give it a try now – click on the Ask Sam Form, or go to your favorite anonymous e-mail system and send an e-mail to me directly.

Since this is a licensing communications venue, let’s review some terms and conditions…

  • We are providing an anonymous question service – you should be aware, however, that being completely anonymous on the Internet is somewhat difficult. If you ask a question via the Ask Sam Form, or via e-mail, the web server and/or e-mail system will automatically collect your IP address. Although we will not link your IP address to the question or answer, if that is a concern for you, use a web anonymizer to hide your IP.
  • We will provide you the best and most complete answer possible – every situation is different and we may not have all the details to provide you with a complete answer. It is possible that extenuating circumstances, or additional details that were not included in the question may change the answer. We will do our best with the details of the questions we receive.
  • We cannot promise you an answer – a lot of people have question and there are three of us tasked with providing answers. We will do our best, but if your situation has a critical time-frame, you may want to enlist legal counsel who specializes in software licensing.
  • We reserve the right to edit and re-purpose your questions – you submit a question and we will do our best to answer the question. However, we may need to edit the question for clarity, to allow an answer to be more, or less specific or even to remove details that could highlight the original organization that asked the question. We may also chose to publish the question and answer in other forms in other locations. The service is anonymous and free – we need to be able to adapt the material we receive and re-purpose it as needed.
  • We are not providing any legal advice – we understand licensing, we have very good relationships with a wide variety of software publisher licensing experts and we want to share our knowledge with you. However, every situation is unique and you should seek your own legal counsel to validate approaches you may want to take when it comes to licensing issues.

We look forward to hearing your questions and doing our best to provide answers. Enjoy these postings and set-up an RSS feed to this page so you can see updates as they occur.