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Ask Sam – 1E product information

Dear SamI’m interested in knowing more about 1E products, their pricing, capabilities and how they compare to other products in the market.


Interested Buyer

Ask Sam Dear Interested Buyer,

I’ve had quite a few requests through the Ask Sam portal to provide information about 1E products. Now, don’t get me wrong – 1E products rock, they have some really cool tech, they are priced right and the dev teams are all working in the right direction. Additionally, customer retention rates are the highest of any software company I’ve seen in the market – 1E provides value for the customer, has a customer advocacy group that’s focused on your needs and they are quick (and thus, much less expensive) to implement, train your teams and let you run your IT projects effectively on your own.

All that said, I don’t get into any of the product pricing or customer negotiations. I eat, breathe, and live licensing and love talking about that, but I wouldn’t have the first clue about how to interpret a pricing list or discount table. I do know that 1E products pay for themselves within 6 to 8 months and that the company regularly works with their customers to find numerous ways for customers to save money – in fact, if you cut 1E down the middle, you would find that customer value is at the very heart of the company. I find that seriously cool – and, unfortunately, lacking in many tool vendor’s perspectives – but pricing – yea, I don’t really go there.

I can tell you that 1E has a web page that’s dedicated to questions like this and they are happy to answer your queries – go to, provide your contact details and what you’re looking for and someone will contact you.

Resolutely Yours,


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