Boost your energy budget with no capital outlay

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Feb 07, 2011


As you may be aware, back in June 2009 Joan Ruddock MP, the then Minister for Energy and Climate Change, launched Salix’s Energy Efficiency Loans Scheme which made £51.5m available in interest free loans to fund energy saving projects across the English public sector.

Due to the initial scheme’s success in reducing both CO2 and energy costs across the public sector, a second tranche of £4.5m in interest-free loans has been made available for energy efficiency measures. These Government-approved loans are:

  • awarded on a first-come-first-served basisapplications are being accepted until the end of March 2011 (or until all available monies have been allocated)
  • available to all public sector organizations in England (excluding Central Government Departments, their Agencies and NDPBs)
  • repayable from the beginning of March 2012 over 4 years in 8 equal installments
  • available for approved energy efficiency technologies, such as NightWatchman from 1E

Extensive research found that a staggering 52% of PCs are left on unnecessarily within the public sector (click here to read the OCG case study). Whilst these PCs are left running they are literally burning energy and money! You can take ownership of the problem and ensure that these PCs are turned off using NightWatchman from 1E. In doing so, your organization can see rapid and quantifiable financial and environmental savings – typical average annual savings of £22/ 130Kg of CO2 per PC.

NightWatchman Available under the OGC’s pan-government IT Power Management Framework, NightWatchman is used on over 460,000 computers across the UK public sector. It is cumulatively saving the UK Government over £10 million and 60,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Implement NightWatchman

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