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Congrats to Jeremy Gillean–1E winner at the party at MMS 2011 #mms2011

The party at the Microsoft Management Summit is part of MMS history. The mass of people fighting to get a ticket to this party is overwhelming every year. If you’ve never attended MMS its really hard to comprehend each year’s MMS opening night, and the “running of the bulls” to the booth to get a party ticket.

1E is a proud supporter of and always enjoy participating in the community party each year. During the party there’s time allotted for giveaways. At MMS 2011, we gave away a Flip pocket video camera, and the winner was Jeremy Gillean.

Brian Tucker, Jeremy Gillean, Phil Wilcock What was really awesome about this is that 1E founder, Phil Wilcock was on hand this year to perform the giveaway duties. Phil is a long-time community member himself and well-known in the circle.

Congratulations, Jeremy!

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