Data center energy management ‘has no accountability’

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Jul 19, 2011

Ambrose McNevin posted an article today on the DatacenterDynamics web site. In it, he says, “Efficiency is ‘at odds with operational mandate’”.

He also indicates that the ISO 500001 standard itself does not measure or deliver higher levels of energy efficiency but it is designed to ensure every person within an organisation has some accountability.

As I read through the article, my attention was immediately perked because there is so much about this article where 1E provides immediate solutions with NightWatchman Server Edition. The article lists out the issues, but seems to never outline that solutions already exist. ISO 500001 provides levels of accountability for energy savings and uptime in the datacenter, but this can only happen if the right tools are in use.

Read the full article:

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